Stories to Solve: Folktales from
Around the World

Illustrated by Peter Sis.
Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 1985.
Paperback: Beechtree, 1991.

Great Britian: Stories to Solve. London: Julia MacRae, 1985.
Germany: Wie War Das? Salzburg: Verlag Sauerlander, 1987.
Norway: Gatfulla sagor. Opal, 1990.
Denmark: Gadefulde eventyr. Gyldendal, 1989.
Gadefulde eventyr. Gyldendals Bogklubber, 1991.
Taiwan [in Chinese]: One volume with all three “stories to solve” texts
Included. Taipei: Grimm Press, 2000.

NCTE Notable Book

Nominee: Texas Bluebonnet Award & Garden State Children’s Book Award

“Each of these 14 delightful folktales is a short puzzle to be solved through cleverness, common sense or careful observation of details in the text…Fans of the Encyclopedia Brown and Solve Your Own Mystery series may be lured into trying folktales with this collection.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Brief tales are told, omitting the solution to the main problem so that the reader can figure it out before slipping the page to see what folk of the past have done. It’s an intriguing idea, far from a gimmick, and very close to what the researchers are telling us we should do when we teach comprehension. And, as one teacher has remarked, this book cries out for sharing: A reader will immediately seek out a friend with whom to match wits. A shared book, a considerate text—you can’t beat that!” THE READER TEACHER

“…charming, easy-to-read.” HORN BOOK