Climbing Kansas Mountains

Illustrated by Thomas B. Allen.
Paperback: Aladdin, 1996.

“A Best Book of the Year”—School Library Journal.

“Both the story and the pictures carry a beautifully understated glow in this tale of a boy whose father takes him on an outing. Their trip together…is both a time for closeness…and a chance for the child to experience his surroundings in a fresh way. Shannon’s writing style is simple yet graceful, with well-chosen details…This appeal picture book evokes a spirit of wonder, peace, and expansiveness while also describing the love and security of being with a parent.” Starred review SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“An exquisitely eloquent story uses humor and metaphorical language to bring two characters to life as they share an unforgettable yet private experience. With very few words, the author has managed to reveal truths and complexities of human relationships that many novelists fail to elicit…” COOPERATIVE CHILDREN’S BOOK CENTER-UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON