Word Play

Fun ryhmes and tough twisters, a challenge for every reader!

  A Very Witchy Spelling Bee

A Very Witchy Spelling Bee

Illustrated by Mark Fearing.
Harcourt, 2013.


April Showers

Illustrated by Aruego & Dewey.
Greenwillow, 1995.


Frog Legs

Illustrated by Amit Trynan. Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 2000.
Scholastic paperback edition, 2000.


Laughing All the Way

Illustrated by Meg McLean.
Houghton Mifflin, 1992.


The Secret Chicken Club

Illustrated by Deborah Zemik
Handprint Books, 2005.


Wise Acres

Illustrated by Deborah Zemke.
Handprint Books, 2004.

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