by George Shannon & Lynn Brunelle
Illustrated by Scott Menchin.

Chronicle Books, 2010.
ISBN: 9780811866484


As adorably absurd as chickens themselves, this book of charming illustrations and laugh-out-loud funny poultry poems will appeal to anyone with a fowl sense of humor!

Kirkus Reviews

Sixteen verses, bouncy and "fowl." True to its subtitle, this little green book offers a nice variety of nifty poems with cheeky pen illustrations, digitally colored.

"Ballet Ole" is a limerick
    A chicken named Millicent Smites,
    loved to twirl and leap to new heights...

the super-short "Tug-o-Worm" suggests Ogden Nash
    One worm.
    Two chicks.
    Worm won.

and a long two-page poem called "Time Traveler" tracks
evolution from dinosaur to chicken
    My feathers, wings, and scaly feet
    have ancient tales to tell
    of Stegosaurus, Allosaurus,
    locked inside each cell".

Additional verses deal with a newborn baby chick, a sick rooster, bug-eating and other poultry matters. The use of various fonts and typefaces adds a little extra zing. Menchin's illustrations have a great time with the premise, positioning the chickens in various ridiculous poses against boldly colored backgrounds and dressing them for maximum comic effect. Both punny and snappy, an apt addition to National Poetry Month. (Picture book. 3-6)